My Dog Tulip

When Freddie Doyle, a petty thief, was sent to prison, his dog, “Tulip,” a loyal, loving German Shepherd Dog found herself in a bad way. Doyle’s family took her in, but she was kept in miserable conditions.

Distressed by her circumstances, Doyle’s boyfriend, JR Ackerley, author, literary editor of the Listener, and best friend of EM Forster, took her in. Ackerley was well into his 50s when he acquired Tulip, but in this ebullient dog, the distant Englishman found the friend he’d been searching for all his life. Their story is told in Ackerley’s best-known book, “My Dog Tulip” first published in 1965, two years before he died at 71.

It’s been made into an animated film by Paul and Sandra Fierlinger from which this still image comes.

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