Bond. James Bond.

Do you recognize her? She was “Bond Girl,” Tilly Masterson, in the third James Bond film, Goldfinger, which was also the first Bond movie to receive an Academy Award (it was for Best Sound Effects Editing). Played by Tania Mallet, “Tilly” wasn’t the Bond Girl painted gold (that honor went to actress, Shirley Eaton, who, contrary to urban legend, didn’t die of asphyxiation because of it), but Mallet did play Eaton’s sister who would be killed by the villainous henchman, “Oddjob.”Tania Mallet,Goldfinger,James Bond,Oddjob,German Shepherd Dog,Afghan Hound,Eugene Vernier,Vogue Magazine,

In real life, Tania Mallet was a dog lover (and, as it happens, Helen Mirren’s cousin). When her friend, 1960’s supermodel, Jean Shrimpton, moved in with photographer, David Bailey, and couldn’t cope with his free spirited Afghan Hound, “Phantom,” they give him to Tania who welcomed the dog into her country home. She was so comfortable with dogs that she didn’t hesitate to swim with a German Shepherd Dog for a Vogue Magazine photo shoot photographed by Eugene Vernier in 1961.

Sadly, Tania died last year (2019).


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