Shar-Pei Mouths

“Meat mouth” and “bone mouth,” for lack of a better explanation, refer to the muzzle or “snout” of a Chinese Shar-Pei, and when you look at the comparative images seen here that have been kindly provided by Elizabeth Cleary, it becomes easier to identify one from the other. At the left of this collage are two “meat mouth” dogs, the top is an adult, the bottom is a puppy. At the right are “bone” mouth dogs, and again, the adult is at the top, the puppy at the bottom.

We always defer to breed experts here, so we welcome clarification or corrections, but it’s our understanding that the “bone mouth” dog is the older, original type of the Shar Pei, so called because of its “dry” type of muzzle and regarded as the “Chinese type.”

“Meat-mouth,” conversely, is so called because of its “meaty” type of muzzle with loose skin. Some sources also refer to the meat mouth as the “American variety.” We did come across one site that referred to “tweeners,” or meaty bone mouth dogs which fall between the two other types. Perhaps one of our Shar-Pei friends might share a picture of such a dog?

The AKC breed standard makes no reference to neither the bone mouth, meat mouth or “tweener” types.

23 thoughts on “Shar-Pei Mouths”

  1. My male is a bone mouth and female a tweener, who produced a lovely bone mouth and a very moderate meat mouth

  2. And this is the very moderate meat mouth male pup who looks so much like his mom.

  3. This is my boy Marley, suer rare traditional shar pei! loveley boy, horse coat, sable colour, original tail type and blue tounge!

  4. *Super rare that meant to say… have long term plans in preserving this style of original shar pei. way more beautiful in my opinion, way less or next to no health risks, more athletic and muscle tone… just stunning

  5. Este é Will. 55cm na cernelha. 8 anos. Muito companheiro, mas intolerante com outros animais com os quais encontra na rua.
    Convive pacificamente com outros animais da casa, como outro cão, gatos, e no passado com porcos-da-índia.

  6. Our bone mouth, Willie (female)- she is a rescue, and the vet thinks she’s a year old. We love her!!

  7. Here’s Kairo. Our 2.5 year old bone mouth sharpei. He was re-homed with us. We have had him for about 1.5 years and he is absolutely perfect! Love seeing all your bone mouths.

  8. I believe I could have a half bone mouth half meat mouth horse coat, his hair is more prickly than a cactus! His sister is full on meat mouth, brush coat, same litter 🙂

    • How really interesting! Would love to hear from Shar-Pei folks about your dog!

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