Otis Barkington

Tomorrow, we’ll be presenting you a list of the top dog breed “Dogs of Instagram,” but it’s not the first time we’ve brought up Instagram. Maybe you’re wondering why we keep bringing this site up. In answer, we quote from an article written by a good friend of National Purebred Dog Day®For every article, blog or opinion piece that bashes purebred dogs, there must be a wave of responses that counter it. For every anti-purebred dog or breeder page on Facebook, or account on Twitter or Instagram, there must be two that outweigh it.  There needs to be more of “us” in editorial positions than there are of “them,” and if that means starting one’s own blog, writing for a local newspaper, promoting one’s purebred dog as the next “star” of Instagram – so be it.  Media bias works both ways, and in our case, it would simply balance the scales. 

Helping balance the scales is Otis Barkington, the Boston Terrier Instagram sensation described as part dog,  part seal, and all hip. With over 68,000 followers, the Southern Californian is working it!


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