Utility Towel • Drool Rag • Golf/Bowling Towel


If you own a dog, you go through towels. This is the Towel Plus by Anvil Fringed Fingertip Towel with Corner Grommet and Hook. A classic hand towel, it’s soft enough to add a sense of luxury with every use as a drool towel, or a golf/bowling towel

 For holiday gift givers, the cutoff date to guarantee delivery of this item in the US is December 14, 2019

Key Features:

• 100% cotton sheared terry
• fringed end
• corner grommet and hook
• 1/3 lbs./doz
• Size: 11″ x 18″

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Towel Plus by Anvil Fringed Fingertip Towel with Corner Grommet and Hook

 For holiday gift givers, the cutoff date to guarantee delivery of this item in the US is noon, MST December 14, 2019

Description: A classic hand towel, soft enough to add a sense of luxury with every use as a drool towel, or a golf/bowling towel

Size: 11″ x 18″

Key Features:

• 100% cotton sheared terry
• fringed end
• corner grommet and hook
• 1/3 lbs./doz

Additional information

Weight 0.0275 lbs

Black, Hunter Green, Navy, Red, Silver, White

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AffenpinscherD1, AffenspinscherA1, afgan-hound-b1, Afghan Hound A1, Afghan Hound B1, Afghan Hound C1, Airedale Terrier B1, Airedale Terrier C1, Airedale Terrier D1, Akita A2, Akita B1, Akita D1, Alapaha Blue Blood, Alaskan Kee Kai 2A, Alaskan Klee Kai A1, Alaskan Malamute A1, Alaskan Malamute A2, Alaskan Malamute B1, American Bulldog 1, American Bulldog 2, American Eskimo Dog A1, American Eskimo Dog B1, American Eskimo Dog D1, American Foxhound A1, American Foxhound C1, American Foxhound D1, American Staffordshire Terrier A1, American Staffordshire Terrier B1, American Staffordshire Terrier C1, American Water Spaniel A1, American Water Spaniel C1, Anatolian Shepherd A1, Anatolian Shepherd B1, Anatolian Shepherd C1, Appenzeller Mountain Dog A1, Australian Cattle Dog A2, Australian Cattle Dog D1, Australian Cattle DogA1, Australian Kelpie 2, Australian Kelpie 3, Australian Kelpie A1, Australian Shepherd A1, Australian Shepherd C5, Australian Shepherd D1, Australian Terrier A2, Australian Terrier B2, Australian Terrier D1, Azawakh A1, Azawakh B1, Basenji A1, Basenji C1, Basenji D2, Basset Hound A1, Basset Hound B2, Basset Hound C1, Beagle A3, Beagle D1, Beagle D2, Bearded Collie A1, Bearded Collie B1, Bearded Collie D1, Beauceron A1, Bedlington Terrier A1, Bedlington Terrier A2, Belgian Malinois A1, Belgian Malinois A2, Belgian Sheepdog (Groenendael) A1, Belgian Sheepdog (Groenendael) B1, Belgian Sheepdog B1, Belgian Tervuren A1, Belgian Tervuren C1, Belgian Tervuren D1, Bergamasco, Bergamasco Sheepdog A1, Berger Picard A1, Berger Picard B1, Bernese Mountain Dog A1, Bernese Mountain Dog C2, Bernese Mountain Dog D3, Bichon Frise A1, Bichon Frise B1, Bichon Frise D1, Black and Tan Coonhound A3, Black and Tan Coonhound C4, Black Russian Terrier A1, Bloodhound A1, Bloodhound B1, Bloodhound C1, Bluetick Coonhound A1, Bluetick Coonhound B1, Boerboel A1, Bolognese A1, Bolognese B1, Border Collie A1, Border Collie A4, Border Collie D4, Border Terrier A1, Border Terrier B1, Border Terrier C1, Borzoi A1, Borzoi C1, Borzoi D2, Boston Terrier A1, Boston Terrier A2, Boston Terrier B2, Bouvier des Flandres A1, Bouvier des Flandres B1, Bouvier des Flandres C2, Boxer A4, Boxer B5-20, boxer C2, Boykin Spaniel, Bracco Italiano A1, Briard A1, Briard B1, Briard D1, Brittany A1, Brittany C1, Brittany D1, Brussels Griffon A2, Brussels Griffon C1, Bull Terrier A1, Bull Terrier B2, Bull Terrier D2, Bulldog A1, Bulldog A3, Bulldog C1, Bullmastiff A1, Bullmastiff B1, Bullmastiff D1, Cairn Terrier A2, Cairn Terrier B2, Cairn Terrier C2, Canaan A, Canaan B, Canaan C, Cane Corso A, Cane Corso B, Cane Corso D, Cardigan Welsh Corgi A3, Cardigan Welsh Corgi D2, Cardigan Welsh Corgi D4, Catahoula Leopard Dog 1, Catahoula Leopard Dog 2, Caucasian Ovtcharka A1, Caucasian Ovtcharka B1, Cavalier King Charles Spaniel A1, Cavalier King Charles Spaniel A4, Cavalier King Charles Spaniel B2, Cesky Terrier A1, Chesapeake Bay Retriever A1, Chesapeake Bay Retriever A2, Chesapeake Bay Retriever B1, Chihuahua A1, Chihuahua C1, Chihuahua D4, Chinese Crested Hairless A3, Chinese Crested Hairless B2, Chinese Crested Hairless C1, Chinook A1, Chow Chow A1, Chow Chow B1, Chow Chow C2, Cirneco Dell Etna A, Cirneco Dell Etna B, Cirneco Dell Etna C, Clumber Spaniel A1, Clumber Spaniel B1, Clumber Spaniel D1, Cocker Spaniel A1, Cocker Spaniel A3, Cocker Spaniel C3, Collie (rough) A1, Collie (rough) C1, Collie (rough) D1, Collie (Smooth) B2, Collie (Smooth) B3, Collie (Smooth) C2, Coton de Tulear A1, Coton de Tulear B1, Curly Coated Retriever A1, Curly Coated Retriever B1, Curly Coated Retriever C1, Dachshund (longhaired) A2, Dachshund (longhaired) B3, Dachshund (longhaired) D3, Dachshund (smooth) A1, Dachshund (smooth) C1, Dachshund (smooth) C2, Dachshund (wiredhaired) A6, Dachshund (wiredhaired) B6, Dachshund (wirehaired) C6, Dalmatian A1, Dalmatian C1, Dalmation B1, Dandie Dinmont Terrier A1, Dandie Dinmont Terrier A2, Dandie Dinmont Terrier B1, Danish-Swedish Farm Dog 1, Doberman Pinscher A2, Doberman Pinscher A3, Doberman Pinscher C2, Dogo Argentino 1, Dogue de Bordeaux A1, Dogue de Bordeaux B1, Dogue de Bordeaux C1, Drentse Partridge Dog 1, Dutch Shepherd 1, Dvaffen Pinscher B1, English Foxhound, English Setter A1, English Setter B1, English Setter B2, English Springer Spaniel (docked tail) D3, English Springer Spaniel (natural tail) C3, English Springer Spaniel B1, English Toy Spaniel 2, English Toy Spaniel B1, Entlebucher Mountain Dog A1, Entlebucher Mountain Dog B1, Estrela Mountain Dog A1, Eurasier A1, Eurasier B1, Field Spaniel B1, Field Spaniel C1, Fila Brasilero A1, Finnish Lapphund A1, Finnish Lapphund B1, Finnish Spitz A1, Finnish Spitz A2, Finnish Spitz B1, Flat Coated Retriever A1, Flat Coated Retriever B1, Flat Coated Retriever D1, French Bulldog A1, French Bulldog A5, French Bulldog D2, German Shepherd Dog A5, German Shepherd Dog D10, German Shepherd Dog D8, German Shorthair Pointer A1, German Shorthair Pointer B3, German Shorthair Pointer C1, German Spitz A2, German Spitz B1, German Spitz B2, German Wirehaired Pointer A1, German Wirehaired Pointer C1, Giant Schnauzer B1, Giant Schnauzer B4, Golden Retriever A1, Golden Retriever B1, Golden Retriever B8, Gordon Setter A1, Gordon Setter B2, Gordon Setter C1, Great Dane A4, Great Dane B2, Great Dane C1, Great Pyrenees A3, Great Pyrenees C2, Great Pyrenees D2, Greater Swiss Mountain Dog A1, Greater Swiss Mountain Dog B1, Greater Swiss Mountain Dog D1, Greenland Dog A1, Greyhound A1, Greyhound B1, Groenendael (Belgian Sheepdog) A1, Groenendael (Belgian Sheepdog) B1, Hamiltonstovare A1, Havanese B1, Havanese C2, Havanese D1, Hovawart A1, Hovawart B1, Hovawart D1, Ibizan Hound (wirehaired) A1, Ibizan Hound B1, Ibizan Hound C1, Icelandic Sheepdog A1, Irish Red & White Setter A1, Irish Red & White Setter B1, Irish Red & White Setter D1, Irish Setter A1, Irish Setter C1, Irish Terrier A1, Irish Terrier B1, Irish Water Spaniel A1, Irish Water Spaniel A3, Irish Wolfhound B1, Irish Wolfhound C1, Irish Wolfhound C2, Italian Greyhound A1, Italian Greyhound C1, Italian Greyhound D1, Jack Russell Terrier A1, Jack Russell Terrier B3, Jack Russell Terrier C5, Japanese Chin B1, Japanese Chin B2, Japanese Chin B3, Jindo A1, Karelian Bear Dog A1, Karelian Bear Dog B1, Keeshond A1, Keeshond B1, Keeshond D1, Kerry Blue Terrier A1, Kerry Blue Terrier B1, Kerry Blue Terrier B2, Komondor A1, Komondor A2, Kooikerhondje A1, Kooikerhondje B1, Kooikerhondje C1, Kuvasz A1, Kuvasz B1, Labrador Retriever A1, Labrador Retriever B10, Labrador Retriever C8, Lagotto Romagnolo A1, Lagotto Romagnolo B1, Lagotto Romagnolo C1, Lakeland Terrier A1, Lakeland Terrier B1, Lakeland Terrier C1, Lancashire Heeler A1, Lancashire Heeler B1, Leonberger A1, Leonberger B, Leonberger C1, Lhasa Apso A1, Lhasa Apso D1, Lhasa Apso D2, Lowchen A1, Lowchen B1, Lowchen B2, Maltese B1, Maltese C1, Maltese D1, Manchester Terrier A1, Manchester Terrier B1, Maremma A1, Mastiff A1, Mastiff B1, Mastiff C1, McNab Shepherd A1, McNab Shepherd B1, Miniature Pinscher B1, Miniature Pinscher C1, Miniature Pinscher D1, Mountain Cur A1, Mountain Cur B1, Munsterlander A1, Munsterlander B1, Munsterlander C1, Neopolitan Mastiff A2, Neopolitan Mastiff C1, Neopolitan Mastiff D1, New Guinea Singing Dog A1, Newfoundland (Landseer) A1, Newfoundland (Landseer) C1, Newfoundland A1, Newfoundland C1, Newfoundland D2, Norfolk Terrier A2, Norfolk Terrier C1 (large), Norfolk Terrier D1, Norwegian Buhund A1, Norwegian Elkhound A1, Norwegian Elkhound B1, Norwegian Elkhound D1, Norwich Terrier A1, Norwich Terrier B1, Norwich Terrier C1, Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever A1, Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever A3, Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever C1, Old English Sheepdog A1, Old English Sheepdog B1, Old English Sheepdog D2, Otterhound C1, Papillon A1, Papillon B2, Papillon C1, Parson Russell Terrier A3, Parson Russell Terrier B3, Parson Russell Terrier D2, Patrijshond A1, Pekingese A1, Pekingese B1, Pekingese C2, Pembroke Welsh Corgi A2, Pembroke Welsh Corgi B1, Pembroke Welsh Corgi D1, Perro de Presa Canario A1, Peruvian Inca Orchid A1, Petit Basset Griffon Vendeen A1, Petit Basset Griffon Vendeen B1, Petit Basset Griffon Vendeen C1, Pharaoh Hound A1, Pharaoh Hound B1, Pharaoh Hound D1, Pitbull Terrier C1, Pitbull Terrier C2, Pitbull Terrier D4, Plott Hound A2, Pointer A1, Pointer B1, Pointer C1, Polish Lowland Sheepdog A1, Polish Tatra Sheepdog B1, Pomeranian A1, Pomeranian B2, Pomeranian C1, Poodle (Miniature) B7, Poodle (Miniature) B9, Poodle (Miniature) D9, Poodle (Standard) A4, Poodle (Standard) B6, Poodle (Standard) D4, Poodle (Toy) B5, Poodle (Toy) D2, Poodle (Toy) D7, Portuguese Water Dog A1, Portuguese Water Dog A2, Portuguese Water Dog B1, Presa Canario A1, Pug A1, Pug C2, Pug C6, Puli A1, Puli C1, Pyrenean Shepherd A1, Queensland Heeler A1, Rat Terrier B1, Rat Terrier B2 (large), Rat Terrier C2, Redbone Coonhound B4, Rhodesian Ridgeback A1, Rhodesian Ridgeback D1, Rhodesian Ridgeback D2, Rottweiler A2, Rottweiler A3, Rottweiler D3, Russian Laika A1, Russian Toy Terrier A1, Saint Bernard A2, Saint Bernard C1, Saint Bernard C2, Saluki A1, Saluki B1, Saluki B3, Samoyed A1, Samoyed B1, Samoyed D3, Schapendoes, Schipperke A1, Schipperke A2, Schipperke C1, Schnauzer C2, Schnauzer C4, Schnauzer D2, Scottish Deerhound A1, Scottish Deerhound B1, Scottish Terrier A1, Scottish Terrier A3, Scottish Terrier D2, Sealyham Terrier A1, Sealyham Terrier C1, Shar-Pei A1, Shar-Pei B1, Shar-Pei D1, Shetland Sheepdog C2, Shetland Sheepdog C3, Shetland Sheepdog D1, Shiba Inu A1, Shiba Inu B1, Shiba Inu D2, Shih Tzu B1, Shih Tzu D2, Shih Tzu D4, Shiloh Shepherd A1, Siberian Husky A1, Siberian Husky C1, Siberian Husky D2, Silken Windhound A1, Silken Windhound C1, Silky Terrier B1, Silky Terrier B2, Silky Terrier D1, Skye Terrier A1, Skye Terrier B1, Small Munsterlander, Small Münsterländer A1, Small Münsterländer B1, Small Münsterländer C1, Smooth Fox Terrier A3, Smooth Fox Terrier B3, Smooth Fox Terrier C3, Soft-coated Wheaten Terrier A1, Soft-coated Wheaten Terrier B1, Soft-coated Wheaten Terrier C1, Spanish Water Dog A1, Spinone Italiano A1, Spinone Italiano B1, Spinone Italiano D2, Springer Spaniel B1, Springer Spaniel D1, Staffordshire Bull Terrier A1, Staffordshire Bull Terrier D1, Staffordshire Bull Terrier D4, Sussex Spaniel A1, Sussex Spaniel B1, Swedish Vallhund A1, Swedish Vallhund B1, Swiss Shepherd A1, Swiss Shepherd B1, Swiss Shepherd C1, Tenterfield Terrier A1, Tenterfield Terrier B1, Tibetan Mastiff A1, Tibetan Mastiff B1, Tibetan Mastiff C1, Tibetan Spaniel A1, Tibetan Spaniel C1, Tibetan Spaniel C2, Tibetan Terrier A1, Tibetan Terrier C1, Toy Fox Terrier A1, Toy Fox Terrier B2, Toy Fox Terrier C2, Treeing Walker Coonhound A2, Treeing Walker Coonhound D2, Vizsla A1, Vizsla D1, Vizsla D2, Weimaraner A1, Weimaraner B1, Weimaraner C3, Welsh Springer Spaniel A1, Welsh Springer Spaniel B1, Welsh Springer Spaniel D1, Welsh Terrier A1, Welsh Terrier B1, Welsh Terrier D1, West Highland White Terrier A1, West Highland White Terrier A2, West Highland White Terrier B3, Whippet A1, Whippet A2, Whippet B1, White Shepherd A1, White Shepherd B1, White Shepherd D1, Wire Fox Terrier A1, Wire Fox Terrier B1, Wire Fox Terrier D1, Wirehaired Pointing Griffon A1, Wirehaired Pointing Griffon C1, Wirehaired Pointing Griffon D1, Wirehaired Vizsla A1, Xoloitzcuintle A1, Xoloitzcuintle B1, Xoloitzcuintle C1, Yorkshire Terrier A1, Yorkshire Terrier A5, Yorkshire Terrier B4


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