The Only Dog To Win All Three Majors In One Year

To our knowledge, only one dog has ever won all three major international dog shows in one year, and that dog was a Papillon named Ch. Loteki Supernatural Being, or “Kirby” to his confidants.

Kirby was the became the first Papillon to place top in the Toy group in 1996, and three years later, he became the first Papillon to win Best in Show at Westminster. Until a ten year old Sussex Spaniel named “Stump” broke the record in 2009, Kirby had also been the oldest Best in Show winner (1999) of Westminster at the age of eight years old.

This next part comes from Wikipedia, not always the most accurate source, so Papillon friends, please make corrections if needed? “Kirby returned to the show ring in 2005 at the age of fourteen at the Papillon Club of America’s National Speciality Show in Cincinnati, Ohio. He was entered in the Veterans Class – a class for Papillons over the age of eight. On the first day of the competition Kirby, who had previously won the National Papillon Speciality on three occasions, won the ribbon for best Veteran Dog. On day two, Kirby returned to the ring for the first round of cuts for the championship, but with a different handler. Cheslie Pickett, less than two years older than Kirby led him around the ring with his normal handler John Oulton taking charge of Nemo, Kirby’s son. Kirby was chosen by judge Sandra Goose Allen as the winner of the 2005 National Papillon Speciality – making his handler Cheslie Pickett the youngest ever to have won the National Papillon Speciality, and Kirby the oldest dog ever to have won and the only dog to have won it four times.”

Kirby died in 2007 at the ripe old age of 16.

Image found on Pinterest but believed to be attributed to Jason Green via Getty Images

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  1. I LOVED Kirby! He was the most charismatic dog I’d ever seen anywhere. The second he stepped onto the green carpet at Westminister he had a lock on the top spot. He looked up at the crowd and seemed to say “Okay everybody. Let’s save some time here and give me the cup right now cause it’s Mine!” He seemed to say the same thing to the judge of the Toy breed group “Ok, you know I’m the best and I know I’m the best so let’s cut to the chase and get me to Best Toy win!” And he did the same Best in Show! Then that grand leap at his owner “I told ya we’d win! Didn’t I Dad!? Didn’t I?!” Best Dog Ever!

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