To Boldly Go Where No Man (or Doberman) Has Gone Before

He boldly went where no one had gone before – and given his druthers, the real man behind the part of Capt. Kirk would have taken his Doberman Pinschers with him on the Enterprise. William Shatner, who grew up in Canada on the outskirts of Montreal, has been a horse lover for most of his life, and when it comes to dogs, a Doberman has been with Shatner quite literally since birth. “I can still remember all the Dobies’ names: Morgan, Kirk, China, Heidi, Paris, Royale, Martika, Sterling, Charity, Bella,” he’s said, and most currently, he has Starbuck and Cappuccino. In an interview in 2013, he said “These Dobermans will lick you to death and that’s scary. So delivery people who don’t want to be licked, don’t come to the door.”

By the way, do you know what grammatical error is being committed with the statement, “To boldly go where no man has gone before?”  It’s a split infinitive.

One thought on “To Boldly Go Where No Man (or Doberman) Has Gone Before”

  1. I came upon it as a fluke. It was when the Star Trek episode The Paradise Syndrome was being filmed. Mr. Shatner brought his Doberman, Morgan with him on location. I think it would have been fun to have had Morgan do, perhaps a cameo on the Enterprise when the show was in production.

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