Trench Dog Ale

Last November, Whistling Kite Brewery posted the picture at the left on their Facebook page along with the words,  “Remember our heroes.” That got our attention.  It was a clear nod to the Airedale Terriers used as war dogs during both World Wars, and that a brewery knew this and named an ale after it makes us want to support […]

Monks as Breeders

The idea of monks having a breeding program seems counterintuitive (not sure why),  but there is a long history of just such a thing. Certainly, the Monks of New Skete and their German Shepherd Dogs come to mind as a current model, but Buddhist monks nurtured and mated Japanese Chin they acquired on the ancient Silk […]

Willum Does America

William Jones and Robert Strawbridge met at Market Harborough while Robert was buying a horse. William (Willum, to his friends) was such an amiable chap, and of such moral fiber that Robert invited him along on his return trip to America. Together, they participated in hunts, particularly the Radnor Hunt, William being very good around […]

Women’s Work

  Two years after the invasion of Poland, Great Britain officially began its first war dog training program at the Greyhound Racing Kennels near Potter’s Bar, a facility it had confiscated in 1942. Many of the dogs were Airedales, a fact credited to Lt Col Edwin Hautenville Richardson who had demonstrated in the run-up to […]

The Big Danish

No, we’re not talking about the unspeakably fattening treat at the right. We’re writing about the name of a breed that’s a translation of an old French designation, “grand Danois,” which means “big Danish.” Most cynologists still aren’t entirely certain why the English adopted the name, “Great Dane,” for the breed we all know and […]

The Keyless Bulldog

Do you remember the 2013 Volkswagen Jetta Hybrid? The car was unveiled at the 2012 North American International Auto Show, and to get the word out about its keyless feature, Volkswagen had DDB (the agency), Palm + Havas (the Creative Agency), Deutsch Inc. (the Digital Agency), and PHD (the Media Agency) create a clever ad using […]

The Royal Dog of France

The Great Pyrenees got its name from the mountain range in southwestern Europe, but during the reign of Louis XIV, the breed was named “Royal Dog of France” by the Dauphin himself in 1675.  Influenced by royal patronage, French nobility soon discovered the appeal of a breed that was handsome and highly useful for guarding their […]

Meet Otterhound, Fusilier “George”

Corgis weren’t the only canines celebrating Queen Elizabeth II’s 90th birthday. Otterhound Fusilier “George” was among the ‘VIPs’ in attendance at the Queen’s birthday celebrations. Fusilier George, along with other forces’ mascots, did superbly at the parade –  the culmination of ten days spent in Windsor Park rehearsing and meeting the show’s presenters. “George” looked […]

His Virginia Hounds

George Washington was an educated man and keen dog owner who grasped the basics of breeding. With diligence, he built up a pack of hunting hounds that became his hobby and his passion. He kept accounts of his breeding program in journals, and filled the pages with details of the foxhounds he came to call […]

Dr. Caius, a Name You Should Know

If you consider yourself knowledgable about dogs and don’t know the name, John Caius, you’ll want to “up your game.” Dr. John Caius (born John Keys in 1510) was physician to King Edward VI, Queen Mary, and Queen Elizabeth I of England. His account of the English sweating sickness is considered to be one of […]