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home alone,emergency,contact cardWhat if you don’t come home tonight?

What happens to your pets if an accident, illness, or emergency keeps you from getting home tonight? Who will feed them, let them out, or, more critically, give them water?

You do not have things “covered” if you have an instruction note on your refrigerator door because unless you also have a tattoo on your forehead that reads, “I have pets at home,” along with a house key dangling from your ear, no one will know you have pets, let alone how to reach them.  If you don’t think this can happen to you, read this article.

The “Home Alone” business-size card alerts people going through your wallet that your pets are on their own (a glove compartment size card is coming soon. Download the card as a PDF here, or as a jpg here. Print it, fold it in half, laminate it, then put copies in your wallet, purse, fanny pack, and briefcase.  The card is free, but a donation of any size is appreciated. Note that a donation is not tax deductible.



crate card 

Where Will First Responders Take Your dogs?

If you’re injured and unable to communicate, you have no “say” in where your dogs go. The primary task of a first responder is to take care of you, not your dog(s).

To give directions about the immediate care of your dogs, attach the “crate card” at the right to the front of each dog’s crate, to the upper portion of their seat belt, or to your front door (there are two cards to one 8″ x 10″ sheet of paper). Animal control, rescue groups or humane societies are not all all alike, and they certainly don’t know your dogs the way your personal contacts do, nor are many of them able to keep your dog for an extended period of time. Protect your dogs! Provide the names and phone numbers of reliable contacts who will collect and care for your beloved pets when needed.

Download the card as a jpg here, or as a PDF here. Print it, laminate, or insert it in a plastic sheet, then attach the card to the front of a crate or seat belt with zip ties, or tape it to your door. Let the cards speak for you when you can’t. The cards are free, but a donation of any size is appreciated. Note that a donation is not tax deductible.





National Purebred Dog Day’s Free Double-Sided Tri-folded Brochure


National Purebred Dog Day’s free double-sided tri-fold brochure explains why we celebrate the purebred dog, from its predictability and diversity to its heritage, and offers the warning that we need to preserve and protect our dog breeds, many of which are at risk of extinction in our lifetime.

We strongly recommend that 24 pound paper be used, and offer the reminder that this is a double sided brochure that will need to be folded as you see below:










Put out a stack out at your grooming shop, boarding facility, or pet supply store, and ask your vet if you can leave a few at his or her clinic. Give them to 4H kids, put some on your grooming table at a dog show or Meet the Breeds, and hand them out to friends.

The brochure is a PDF and may be downloaded here.









This free handout asks:  Which breed are you willing to see vanish in your lifetime? 

We love all dogs, whatever their ancestry, but we especially value the heritage, diversity, and predictability of purebred dogs – and some of them are in trouble. Twenty-nine breeds are listed as “vulnerable” in their country of origin, and another eleven are “on watch.” Only 800 Otterhounds remain in the world, while Skye Terriers and Dandie Dinmont Terrier are outnumbered by Panda Bears.

Be proactive in helping preserve all breeds. Share this handout with a friend, put a few on your grooming table, or place a stack on your club’s table at a dog show. Download and print it out from this link.




National Purebred Dog Day’s “I ❤️ Purebred Dogs” sign,

Get your friends, mail carrier, or favorite pizza chef (like we did) to pose with the sign! Download the file and print it out, or have a professional printer print it to whatever size you want. Get it here.









The “Happy National Purebred Dog Day!” Sign

Not everyone has a purebred dog, or a dog at all, but they wish us well and like to get in the spirit of our special day on May 1.  For them, we have the “Happy National Purebred Dog Dy” sign. Download it here and be aware that this can be a wide sign that may need banner paper or be printed by a print shop. Its potential size makes it awesome for a group photograph or to hang as a display in your shop or grooming area set up.



October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and this dreaded disease doesn’t just impact humans. Bitches get it too!

More than a quarter of certain female dogs will develop a mammary tumor during their lifetime, and over half of them will have a malignant form of it. Some of those forms are fatal: Osteosarcomas, fibrosarcomas, solid carcinomas, and papillary cystic adenocarcinomas, to name a few (data verified by Michael S. Kent, DVM, Professor and Director of the Center for Companion Animal Health at the Department of Surgical and Radiological Sciences School of Veterinary Medicine at the University of California Davis). 

To help combat this scourge, we are donating a portion of every sale of a very limited number of pink “bitches get it too,” insulated tote bags to the National Canine Cancer Foundation to be earmarked for canine mammary cancer research.

How much we donate is up to you.

One insulated tote bag is $20 plus $7.30 shipping inside the United States. Of your purchase for one bag, NPDD will donate $5 to the foundation. If you would like to donate more (it’s tax deductible), please visit this link and give an amount with which you’re comfortable.

Two tote bags will be $40.00 (from which NPDD will donate $10 to the foundation) plus $7.30 shipping inside the United States. Your total: $47.30. Again, if you would like to donate more, visit this link.  Three tote bags are $60, plus $9.99 shipping inside the United States. From that purchase, $15 will be donated. 

Because these tote bags sold out within a day last year, we must limit the purchase of these bags to three per buyer. 

To purchase a tote bag(s), click on the “Buy Now” button below, and remember that you can donate more by visiting this link

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