National Monument #53

During Korean dynastic rule, intellectuals at odds with the King were exiled to Jindo Island, a fate worse than death. On the upside, it is also the ancestral home of the Jindo Gae, or Dog of Jindo Island. The Jindo, now a symbol of Korea, fell under the protection of Korean law in 1962 when […]

The Vanishing Indian Breeds

There is good news and bad news coming out of India. The good news is that there is increased interest in purebred dog ownership in that country. The bad news is that according to Quartz, native Indian breeds are dying out because everyone wants a Labrador Retriever. Breeds like the Chippiparai, Jonangi, Kombai, Rajapalayams, and the exquisite Caravan […]

The Lyam Hound

If you had lived in the Middle Ages (and contrary to gossip, we didn’t), you might have been a monk or nun, peasant or serf, vassal, artisan, merchant or knight – maybe even a royal – and while people in the Middle Ages did keep dogs, the canines had to serve a purpose, and being […]


In Rat Terriers, a “pie bald” dog is basically a white dog with any Rat Terrier color of spotting, but when a dog has a large saddle-shape covering the back of the dog, it’s known as a “blanket-back” marking, one of nine acceptable markings in the breed. Desert Rat” by Amanda Hall […]

The Pergo Great Dane

Earlier, we shared a cute commercial from Pergo that answered the question: What do our dogs do when we’re not home? Below is more of the wonderful Great Dane we met in the “party ad:” The dog in the commercials is “Shine” of Morningstar Great Danes whose appearances in Pergo magazine ads and TV commercials […]

The Swashbuckler’s Dog

As terrific as Standard Schnauzers are, it was a 1930s and 40s cinematic heart throb who brought a good deal of attention to the breed. Actor, Errol Flynn, a reputed womanizer famous for his portrayal of swashbuckling characters, was a huge dog lover who owned several Schnauzers. His “heart dog,” however, was “Arno,” Flynn’s constant companion […]

The Blue Devils

We suppose the debate over Ireland’s true National Dog will always be a source of contention, but it seems undisputed that the country’s National Terrier is the Kerry Blue Terrier. It was rightfully named after the County of Kerry in South West Ireland, but its gameness and stature lent some to nickname it, the “Blue Devil,” […]

Save the Dogs!

Only two toy breeds gained AKC recognition before the English Toy Spaniel: The Yorkshire Terrier and Pug (both in 1885). The English Toy would have to wait a whole year to get the nod. While the first written reference to the breed in England was 1570, “Charlies” or “ETs” have had a long association with royalty. […]

The Largest French Sheepdog

The Beauceron is the largest of the French sheepdog, and its ties to the Briard are reflected in French art often pairing the two together in the same image or sculpture. AKC herding judges starting out in Briards have also noted a great deal of similarity in the working styles of the two breeds. None of this is surprising since […]

The Colorful Pomeranian

In more ways than one, it could be said that the Pomeranian is one of the most “colorful” breeds we have: Eighteen different colors, and nine markings are recognized by the AKC. Two of the colors – beaver, and beaver sable, are, to our knowledge, unique to the Pomeranian by that name (it’s often called […]

Dobermann’s Hunde

As a dog catcher and “skinner” (one hopes not of dogs), Friedrich Louis Dobermann had access to a lot of dogs, but he had only one type of character in mind for the breed he envisioned creating: A dog with unsurpassed loyalty, intelligence, and fearlessness. Surprisingly, the breed he created acquired physical uniformity in an amazingly […]

The “Schnauzer-Express”

We ease into this Monday after Mother’s Day with a feel good video of a former dog handler who prefers her “Schnauzer-Express” to traditional modes of transport.  Now 79 years young, Sofia Kalinina says she feels safe with her canines, because they’re used as police dogs. Well, that, we think, and that they love their passenger.

The English Shadow

Despite its name, the dog nicknamed, “the English Shadow,” isn’t English at all, but American made, making it’s other nickname, “America’s Heritage Farm Dog,” more apt. Depending upon one’s source, the English Shepherd is either a descendant of dogs brought to the New World by English and Scottish colonists, or the result of a combination of […]

Pug Tails

Our information is only as good as our sources, and one of them suggests that Pugs aren’t born with those wonderful tightly curled tails. Rather, young Pug puppies curve their tails over their backs only slightly until they’re older. Furthermore, when adult Pugs are nervous or uneasy, their tails hang straight down, but when they’re self-assured, […]

Teckel and Dackel and Dachshund, Oh My

Teckel and Dackel are words that refer to the Dachshund, but are there nuanced differences between any of them? Let’s try to sort it out: In Germany, all Dachshunds are called “Dackels,” but among among hunters, they’re called “Teckels” (and make no mistake about it, Dachshunds are superb sporting dogs). To complicate matters, we’ve also read that […]