The Groom’s Pocket Piece

All terrier breeds small enough to fit in a den are permitted to compete in AKC earthdog trials, and not long ago, we mentioned that there is one, and only one, non-terrier breed allowed in earthdog trials (Dachshunds). Strictly speaking, this isn’t true if one considers the Silky Terrier, Yorkshire Terrier, and the breed seen […]

The Gentleman’s Terrier

Boundaries are a funny thing. For example, the AKC considers the four Belgian Sheepdogs to be four separate breeds, while most other countries (such as the UK) consider them to be one breed. Conversely, the UK considers the two sizes of Manchester Terrier (the standard and toy) to be two separate breeds (the English Toy Terrier and […]

Which President owned Blackjack?

A dog named ‘Blackjack’ lived in the White House. Which President owned Blackjack, and what was his breed? It’s not the Bouvier in this image. ….and here’s what’s wrong with the Bouvier de Flandres: They’re stoic, and not in a good way. The breed has such a strong threshold for pain that when they get […]

The Thumbprint

What the Manchester Terrier legs seen in the photographic collage all have in common is the distinctive marking known as the black ‘thumbprint’ at ankle height on the front of the dog’s tan forelegs. There should also be a slight tan mark on either side of the dog’s chest, and because the black and tan colors […]