The Mighty Mite

English miners and working class people from the British Isles brought with them feisty little terriers nicknamed (wait for it) Feists. The name was not for nothing. This big dog in a small package was bold, lively and, well, a mighty mite. The dogs were eventually crossed with the now extinct English Terrier, Smooth Fox Terriers, and […]

The Groom’s Pocket Piece

All terrier breeds small enough to fit in a den are permitted to compete in AKC earthdog trials, and not long ago, we mentioned that there is one, and only one, non-terrier breed allowed in earthdog trials (Dachshunds). Strictly speaking, this isn’t true if one considers the Silky Terrier, Yorkshire Terrier, and the breed seen […]

Those Patches Have a Name

Some basically black breeds (like the Manchester Terrier and Doberman Pinscher) feature small tan patches chest on each side of the dog’s chest above his front legs, and those patches are called “rosettes.” This is obviously not the same “rosette” found on the loins of show trimmed Poodles in a Continental clip. Uncropped Doberman Pinscher by Richard Marsh. This […]

Schnupp and Bisart

The foundations of the Doberman Pinscher were two dogs: A fellow named, “Schnupp” (described as clever and fearless), and a lass named, “Bisart.” Their puppies were black pups with rust colored markings. From that point on, accounts vary as to what went into the dog that Friedrich Louis Doberman created. By most accounts, the German […]

The Breeds of Presidents

Time now for another Purebred of Interest hint about next week’s breed. It has been owned by a United States President. The President was not Theodore Roosevelt who seemingly owned almost every breed at one time or another: He counted among his dogs Pete, a Bull Terrier; Skip, a Rat Terrier; Jack and Peter, Terriers, Blackjack; a Manchester Terrier; Manchu, a Pekingese; Rollo, a Saint Bernard, and […]

The Gentleman’s Terrier

Boundaries are a funny thing. For example, the AKC considers the four Belgian Sheepdogs to be four separate breeds, while most other countries (such as the UK) consider them to be one breed. Conversely, the UK considers the two sizes of Manchester Terrier (the standard and toy) to be two separate breeds (the English Toy Terrier and […]

The Most Stolen Breed

The AKC reports that the Yorkshire Terrier is the most frequently stolen dog breed of all breeds. His small size makes him an easy snatch-and-grab, and the assumption that the breed is worth a lot of money makes him attractive to “flippers” (people who steal a dog, then sell it at flea markets, Craigslist or classified […]

Which President owned Blackjack?

A dog named ‘Blackjack’ lived in the White House. Which President owned Blackjack, and what was his breed? It’s not the Bouvier in this image. ….and here’s what’s wrong with the Bouvier de Flandres: They’re stoic, and not in a good way. The breed has such a strong threshold for pain that when they get […]

The Groom’s Pocket Piece

Smaller Manchester Terriers were once carried in specially designed leather pouches suspended from a horse rider’s belt earning these dogs the nickname, “Groom’s Pocket Piece!” Image: French watercolur painting of a Manchester Terrier by Charles-Fernand De Condamy (fl 1878 – 1882). For sale at Hamshere Gallery in the UK: