An NFL Hall of Famer at Westminster

What’s better than being at the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show?  Getting a bear hug from your all time favorite NFL football player who was also at the 2018 Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show, and was part of the FOX broadcast team.

Some might wonder why the Hall of Fame tight end, Shannon Sharpe, was commentating at one of the world’s premier dog shows, but as Denver Bronco fans, it was no surprise to us. Sharpe has been long been a fan of purebred dogs and a follower of the prestigious dog show. He grew up with a Beagle and the hunting dogs owned by his uncle, and as an adult, has had Rottweilers and Akitas. These days, his family includes “Tonka” and “Titan,” both Bullmastiffs, and “Tazz” and Tarzan,” Pomeranians.

“I think (viewers) will be surprised I’m a dog lover, but I think they’ll be more shocked about my knowledge of dogs…I know the breeds, I know what [judges] are looking for, and I know how the judges are judging,”  said Sharpe who used personal vacation time to be a part of the FOX broadcast team.

To run into one’s favorite athlete at one’s favorite venue? Life was good.

Photo of Shannon Sharpe with “Flynn,” 2018 Best in Show winner at Westminster, from Sharpe’s Instagram page

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