Bedlington Terriers —-> The Football Club

The Bedlington Terriers F.C. (football club) was established in 1949 in (wait for it) Bedlington, England. Football teams (that’s soccer in the US)  have been around in Bedlington since the early 1900’s, though this club’s original name was the Bedlington Mechanics. In the 1998–99 season, the team reached the second round of the FA Cup!

The club’s logo was redesigned for the start of the 2008–2009 campaign and featured the Latin phrase “Virtus Unita Fortis,” which means “Together We Act Stronger” and the image of a Bedlington Terrier, the breed of dog after which the club was named. The club’s website mentions the following: “There’s a saying among Terrier fans. Once you’ve been to watch the Terriers play, you’ve been “bitten by the dog”. You’ll be a fan for life!”

The club is part of the Northern League, Division Two, and at the moment, they stand in 15th place, wedged between Durham City and Ryton & Crawcrook Albion. To add insult to injury, the beloved community club could be forced to close before celebrating its 70th birthday if it can’t end a campaign of terror by vandals this year that is causing an astronomical expense in repairs

Bedlington Terriers. We’re rooting for you!

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