At a recent dog show in Puducherry, India, nearly 175 dogs participated in the Madras Canine Club All Breeds show, and of them, 16 were indigenous breeds. This included the Chippiparai, an exquisite sighthound native to the southern part of India. Once bred by imperial families in Chippiparai near Tamil Nadu, the dogs were the reserved icons of dignity and royalty. They were used primarily to hunt boar, deer and hare, but also to guard hearth and home.

Some sources suggest that Chippiparai are in some way connected with the Saluki which may have accompanied merchants, travelers or soldiers to India where they had romantic dalliances with local dogs.

A groomed Chippiparai coat is said to have a shine to it, a shell-like patina ideal for hot climates (if it were a paint, it would be “egghell” as opposed to “semi-gloss”). Like too many of the world’s purebred dogs, the breed is rare even in dog show circles, and it may be lost to us forever if more don’t step up to preserve and protect it.

Image found on Pinterest and happily credited upon receipt of information.

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