Does Your Breed Smile?

Samoyeds are famous for the “Sammy Smile,” but they’re not the only breed famous for their smirk.  The smile of a Pharaoh Hound is noteworthy enough to have earned a listing in Edward M Gilbert and Patricia H. Gilbert’s wonderful book, The Encyclopedia of K-9 Terminology.  What starts with a smirk and progresses into a full toothy grin with the lips pulled way back enough to expose teeth is called (wait for it), the Pharaoh Hound Smile. It’s usually accompanied with butt wiggling, happy contortions, and, curiously, vigorous sneezing.  Given that the breed is also famous for blushing when they’re excited or happy, would that endearing grin be more appropriately called a “sheepish grin?”

We’re open to hearing about other breeds famous for their happy face. Got a smiling dog? Share their picture below!

Image found on Pinterest and very happily credited upon receipt of information

18 thoughts on “Does Your Breed Smile?”

  1. Years ago I had Chessies and Goldens, who smiles when they were caught doing something naughty. Current breed, Bouviers, never!

    • Mark, he has a WONDERFUL smile, thanks for sharing it!!

  2. I have seen the smile in a Whippet, and more recently in a neighbour’s Lab cross. It’s a charming expression if you understand dog language, but might be perceived as a snarl by people unfamiliar with it. That’s a real pity, because when I have seen it, it always means the dog is tickled to death to see me.

    • An important point you’ve made, Noni. It’s so important to understand dog language and expression!

  3. My Podenco Canario was rescued off the streets of Spain after escaping or being abandoned by a hunter. She now lives the high life with me in the UK. Whenever she’s happy or excited she smiles–which is most of the time! Here she is losing her mind with excitement when I came home from a two hour trip out (you’d swear I’d been away two weeks!) She is so adorable! ❤️

    • Ingrid, she’s WONDERFUL, and bless you for taking her in. We’re aware of the life facing some hunting dogs in Spain and Portugal, it’s beyond comprehension to us.

  4. I have known a beagle who smiled, a deerhound lurcher that grinned and looked like a gargoyle when he did. And have now made the acquaintance of an almost six month old Jack Russell puppy with a lovely smile. She is so cute she needs to be a model for dog products.l

  5. I have a 9 month old Dalmatian that smiles whenever he sees me in the morning and when he gets caught doing something he shouldn’t. Hes definitely a mommas boy.

    • What a cutie, Rachael!! Thanks for sharing his picture with us!

  6. My 4.5 month old dalmatian smiles when i scratch her neck. Hard to get a picture of because she wants to eat the phone, but her lips curl up and its adorable.

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