Dog Fonts

We love that purebred dogs were used for this poster displaying type fonts, and it got us to wondering about “dog fonts.” Some have opined that the font, “Comic Sans,” should be the universal font for dogs, while others rely on bones to suggest a dog theme (yawn):


Another bone font:


Sometimes, they actually use dogs:




With all the fonts out there, might there be fonts that could be more suggestive of breeds than bones? Would the font be suggestive of, say, a Polish Lowland Sheepdog?

How about this one for an Otterhound?



The font below will appeal to folks who have as much dog hair on their clothes as their dog has on her body:


Guess the breed for this one:


And finally, what breed does the font below remind you of?



Kind of addictive, isn’t it?

3 thoughts on “Dog Fonts”

    • Honestly, Melody, we don’t know, and since it’s for a school, we suspect it would be ok, but again, we don’t know. That said, if you go to this site – – there are more fonts, and they’re free, so those are ok to use at will!

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