How Predictable is Predictable? Meet the Kromi, Master of Unique Traits

As if its characteristic scruffiness isn’t appealing enough, the Kromfohrlander has a pair of a endearing traits that make this intelligent and funny dog a wonderful companion. A unique smile, called the “kromi grin,” is demonstrated in the photograph by “Quinn,” aka Birkenstrand’s Keltisk Mejeri.

But that’s not all, folks. Kromis also have another engaging trait, and that is to sneeze when addressed, excited, or greeting people.  In the video below, we have “Felix” to demonstrate the grin, sneeze and smile!

Sadly, the Kromfohrlander is another breed in danger of disappearing, and the people devoted to it are working hard to preserve a marvelous little dog that has as part of its “predictability package,” a famous smile and a delightful sneeze.

Our thanks to Felix – and Mary Dixon, president of the Kromfohrlander Club of America, for providing us with the sneezing video and image of Quinn.

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