Hunting With Poodles

You think you know Poodles?

That breed can hunt. Folks have been hunting with Poodles without fanfare for ages, but a television series may have brought attention to the fact when Angie and Rich Louter were contacted by the A&E channel show, “Duck Dynasty” after show producers heard about the retrieving prowess of their Standard Poodle, “Cooper.” Cooper was then the only Poodle with all the top Master Hunter titles in every venue including AKC, UKC, NAHRA, UGA, & PCA. We’d like to hear from you if hunt or do field work/trials with a Poodle, and if you are, could you talk about their working style (maybe share pictures?)

Image of HR Simply Southern’s Legacy of the Queen SH SHU
Owner/Breeder: Amy Sterner
Photo by Jennifer Lugo appears here with consent

4 thoughts on “Hunting With Poodles”

  1. I have a well-bred standard Poodle who learned to hunt from my Pudelpointer, who was 6 years older. My Poodle was excellent at hunting quail, but not as fast as the Pudelpointer, at finding rabbit.
    When they hunted together, they would go in opposite directions and circle back to each other.

    The most amazing thing to me was how my Poodle realized I did not the free range cattle to be anywhere near our cabin. She would run at them, barking, and herd them away. The Pudelpointer backed her up, but did not initiate the action. Neither of my dogs was ever interested in chasing a ball, unless it was to get it out of water.

    My Poodle, who is now 10 years old, is in excellent health, and, without any training, also assists me as a therapy dog (I am a therapist).

    • We love these person anecdotes, Judy, because they’re so much more authentic than anything we can write, so thank you for sharing it with us. Poodles are just so darn smart!

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