Invest Like a Dog

If breeds don’t matter, why do so many companies use purebred dogs in their ads? Would the “beauty salon” scene in the commercial below have the same impact had mixed breeds been used instead of Afghan Hound?  We really don’t think so. Would the sailboat drifting by with white Poodles luxuriating on the deck impart the same message if loveable mutts were there instead? Uh uh.

Kudos to E*TRADE for choosing purebred dogs for the TV commercial that was released late last year. Set to George Clinton’s, “Atomic Dog” song, the ad’s message is clear: When some canines have better lives than you do, it’s time to catch up to the dog’s style of living by investing immediately.

The agencies, Grey Global Group Inc. and MullenLowe were the brains behind the spot, and maybe one of these days, agencies will figure out that some of us are really interested in the dogs, too!

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