Inward Constricted Ears

In the history of art, this is easily the worst drawing – EVER. We don’t have permission to use drawings that would make our point, say, from people who have actual talent. We think, however, that you’ll get our drift when we explain that this is a crude attempt to describe “inward constricted ears,” or, in jargon as simple as the drawing, ears that angle inward. This happens in breeds where the prick ears are normally carried upright and straight, but because of a weak attachment to the skull, the ears tilt inward, and sometimes even touch. More often than not, this is temporary and common in puppies, especially while they’re teething or have a growth spurt. We suspect that the more one worries about it, the more the ears tilt inwards. As Puli owners, the presence of ears is only a rumor (grin), so we defer to the folks who have actual experience with this. What say you all?

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