The Irish Red and White Setter. A Breed in Trouble

New registration numbers from the Kennel Club are in, and it’s not good news for several breeds that were developed “across the Pond.” For example, only 63 registrations were entered for Irish Red and White Setters in 2016, and that’s the lowest number in over 30 years. This is a tragic state of affairs for a breed that precedes the Irish Setter, and which is uniformly regarded by hunters as a natural in the field.   In fact, IRWS owners who say their dogs earned a junior hunter title say the dogs did it with absolutely no training at all, and with no exposure to birds prior to the time they started running in the tests. Can we hear a “wow?”

They’ve been called the “gentleman’s hunting dog” because they hunt for their owner, not for themselves,  and this willingness to please makes them easy to train for field work. But wait, it gets better.

IRWSs are people dogs. They are happy, affectionate, fun loving (and high spirited) dogs who love to be the family clown. We fell in love with the breed when it was a Purebred of Interest a while back. If you have a sporting dog personality and are looking for your next dog,  consider an Irish Red and White.

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