Min Pins and the Thumbprint

How much do we love the eccentricities of dog terminology, and that sometimes, one term can apply to two very different breeds in a very different way? (a lot).
Many of us are familiar with the term, thumbprint” as it applies to the legend surrounding the Blenheim King Charles Spaniel‘s white “lozenge” on their forehead, also called a “thumbprint.” In this post, however, we’re discussing the “thumbprints” on a dog’s legs.

On some Miniature Pinschers, there is a patch of black hair surrounded by rust colored coat that that appears on the space between the dog’s foot and “wrist.” This mark is called a “thumbprint,” and while Min Pins with the mark make wonderful companions, the mark is a disqualification in the show ring (from the AKC breed standard: Disqualifications: “Thumb mark – patch of black hair surrounded by rust on the front of the foreleg between the foot and the wrist”). 

The image we’re sharing to illustrate this marking was found on a site we think has no copyright restrictions, but the little lady seen here has a story that compels us to reiterate the importance of being an ethical breeder who carefully screens potential homes, buying from an breeder who meets high standards, and being the responsible owner who disappoints neither the dog nor the breeder.  “Roxie” was found extremely skinny and with no hair on her neck or chest. Her foster owner discovered that she’d been shot in the chest with a Beebe gun, the pellets still in her little body. She is presently happy and doing well, the pellets not causing any problems.


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