“Miss Otis” Entry in National Purebred Dog Day Fine Art/Poster Competition 2022

Title: “Miss Otis”

Artist: Ann Hollingworth

Medium:  Acrylic on unstretched canvas

Size: 20″ x 30.75″ x .32″

Price:  $750.00

Artist’s Thoughts: This is a portrait of my dog Miss Otis, a purebred Clumber Spaniel. Known to have gentle, loving dispositions, she was instrumental in helping my daughter overcome her fear of dogs. Miss Otis was a rescue dog from a breeder. And she lived her life out with us as a champion dog in her senior days enjoying long walks and lots of love. This portrait is in honour of her memory. I used Victorian motifs and a deep deep aubergine background to represent the Clumber’s royal bearing. Clumbers were valued by the English court for their birding ability and being large low dogs were able to go under brush and retrieve. Clumbers are the largest of the Spaniels and one rarely sees them.

Clumbers were popular in Victorian times among the gentry and royals. The largest of spaniels they were bred as gun dogs. They are affectionate, loving and great companion dogs. I depict Miss Otis on a graphic similar to the florals and colours found in Victorian sitting rooms.


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