Name This Breed

Can you identify this dog’s breed?  Answer below the image credit.

Image: From Wikimedia via Flickr as posted by Kanonkas

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Meet the Korean Sapsal, or “Sapsaree.” Slightly smaller and lighter than the average Golden Retriever, the Sapsaree (according to Korean superstition) is believed to have magical powers and be able to ward off evil spirits. This is likely why you’ll see this breed show up in the form of statues and sculptures all over East Asia. Only during the Koryo Dynasty were commoners allowed to own and breed Sapsarees; prior to that, the breed was strictly the purview of royalty, and the dog appears on many imperial seals. In 1992, the South Korean government designated the Sapsaree as Natural Monument #368.The Korean Sapsaree Foundation was founded as a non-profit organization for the preservation of the breed and comprehensive research on the breed.

Bottom image of a Sapsal dog taken in front of a Hanok Village in Jeonju, Korea via WikiMedia

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