Not a Hound and Not a Spaniel

Drentsche Patrijshond, or Drent Partridge Dog, is a very old gun dog breed originally from the North-Eastern provinces of the Netherlands (mostly from Drenthe). In some English speaking countries, the breed has been called the “Dutch Spaniel” or “Dutch Partridge Hound,” but technically, none of these are correct since the dog isn’t a pure spaniel and not a hound at all.

Drenthe was unusual in that it allowed commoners the right to hunt. The locals needed a dog to hunt small game, and for over 300 years, the Drent was that dog. These dogs were expected to hunt all manner of game, but also act as family companions, watch dogs, and even pull the dog-carts. Today, the Drent is a popular hunting dog in the Netherlands with approximately 5,000 dogs registered with the breed club.

Photo of a during an upland game hunt in Idaho by DutchID via Wikicommons

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