Not In Front of the Corgis

It was a concern to all who are fond of the monarch that Queen Elizabeth II missed Christmas Day church services for the first time in thirty years. A heavy cold kept The Queen at home, presumably in the company of her beloved Corgis.  Though Brian Hoey’s book about the Royals is too short on information about the royal Corgis to suit us, it does offer a few interesting tidbits, including an explanation of the phrase, “Not in front of the Corgis,” “code” among palace staff that when the Corgis are seen approaching, The Queen is not far behind.

Aside from the whole royal thing, we think this queen is one of us. She allows her dogs unrestricted access to any part of the Royal residence. She’s particular about who touches them, and while the royal chef prepares their food (meals never come out of a bag or can), the Queen always feeds them, herself. Their bowls are placed in front of them, and until Her Majesty gives the word, they’re not to start eating. The Queen conducted all breedings for most of her life as a dog owner, but advancing age not only ended that, but also the addition of any more dogs to the royal household. Who among us doesn’t hate that?

Image of Helen Mirren portraying Queen Elizabeth II

2 thoughts on “Not In Front of the Corgis”

  1. My name is Livia Garozzo- Manca and I and my Dad are interested in the Welsh Gorgi Pembroke Cardigans the same as the Queen Elisabeth II.

    • Hello, Livia – you’re thinking of the Pembroke Welsh Corgi, a wonderful breed! If you do a search on the website for “corgi,” you’ll find everything we’ve posted on it.

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