Not In Kansas Anymore

Kansas House Bill 2513 turned out to be more controversial than anyone would have thought at the time. Ridiculed on social media, the bill was derided as the single best way to ratchet up the state’s reputation as a hotbed for cruel, filthy, substandard breeders. News about the bill spread like wildfire. It was carried on major TV networks, written about in newspapers, discussed on NPR, and dissected on sites like the Huffington Post.

State Rep. Ed Trimmer, D-Winfield, who introduced the bill, never saw it coming.

Timmer’s proposal in 2012 would not have legalized animal abuse, endorsed loose dogs on the highway, or make it a felony to own a mixed breed.

The proposal by Rep. Ed Trimmer’s of Kansas was to make the Cairn Terrier the Sunflower State’s official dog.

The horror of it all.

It won’t be a surprise to friends of purebred dogs to learn that PETA was largely behind the move to undermine a bill that would have acknowledged the Cairn Terrier’s association with Kansas via the Wizard of Oz. The bill would have brought attention to a spunky breed whose “Earth Dogge” ancestors hunted on the Scottish Highlands as early as the 1600s, and whose tenacious stick-to-itiveness is legendary.

Instead, PETA relied on a common (and outdated) position that making a breed popular with “dog statehood” leads to overbreeding and “over-owning” the dogs. While this was true back in 1961 when the movie, 101 Dalmatians, led to a surge in Dalmatian puppy purchases (and their subsequent relinquishment at shelters and dog pounds), people are more aware about dog ownership issues than they were when John F. Kennedy was President.  Neither the purchase of a Puli by Facebook CEO, Mark Zuckerberg, nor appearances in engaging commercials for Bissell, Dr. Pepper, or Budweiser lead to a demand for Puli puppies. Memorable roles in the movies Turner and Hooch, the Harry Potter series, and as the main dog in Disney/Pixar’s movie, “Coco,”  didn’t lead to shelters being overrun by Dogues de Bordeaux, Neapolitan Mastiffs, or Xolos, respectively. There is always room for improvement, but people are better informed about their dog choices, and when breed clubs learn that a movie featuring their breed is in the works, they know to be prepared.

Instead, PETA’s efforts squashed any chance to have educational dialogue about the Cairn Terrier, or purebred dogs in general. But that is, after all, their “M.O.” and a well informed public is their enemy.

Despite eleven states already having designated state dogs at the time, and even though the Wichita Eagle reported that Trimmer got plenty of positive response to his plan, the bill was squashed to the delight of PETA which gleefully proclaimed victory over breeders.


10 thoughts on “Not In Kansas Anymore”

  1. Most Terrier breeds in Group 4 are on the world endangered list.

    • No, Toto is not an endangered breed. Peta’s agenda is for ALL DOGS to be endangered – that NOONE is allowed to own a dog?

      • Phew! Norma, so glad to hear that Totos can still rule. Thanks, everybody, for the responses. Pat, I agree. Cairns would make a great dog not only for Kansas but any other state (or person) that appreciates spunk, loyalty, independence, a quick wit (trust me), fidelity and larger-than-their-little -bodies bravery. The only thing that I noticed they lacked was tolerance for being herded by dogs from herding breeds, especially Pulis.

  2. Frank Baum set us Kansans up for that 100 years ago and I for one support the Cairn representing us. Having lived on the west coast years ago I can’t tell you how many times I got called Dorothy and my ACD called Toto. PETA can go suck an egg

  3. peta is a terrorist organization and people in kansas better get off their stupid ass’ before they have terrorists running their state. call your reps, and bitch them out for bowing down to a terrorist group that kills more dogs in their shelters than any city pound. get some facts together and go after the assholes.

    • Well said, if not colorfully, Kirsten, but we agree with your sentiments.

  4. The Cairn Terrier would make a great state dog for Kansas. PETA is a killjoy as well as a killer of too many dogs.

    • What you said in triplicate, Pat. We totally agree.

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