Not Just Any Hole in the Wall

Japanese singer songwriter, Yuri, got quite a shock during a walk back in 2016 when she spotted what she may have thought were three dog heads seemingly “mounted” on a wall. Closer inspection happily revealed that what she really saw were three Shiba Inu poking their noggins through peepholes.  The sign above the dogs quickly revealed that the owner was well aware of the dogs’ curiosity. Translated, it reads, “It will upset our stomachs, so please don’t give us food.”

An amused Yuri tweeted the pictures on her Twitter account (@Vocal_YURI), but it didn’t take long for the dogs to become a tourist attraction well beyond their quiet residential street near Shimabara Castle in Nagasaki Prefecture. In time, fans learned that the dogs’ owner originally cut holes in the wall to encourage drainage and airflow to his garden, but he added more when he noticed how much the dogs enjoyed them. Now, the trio race to the holes any time they hear a sound. If you’re even in that neck of the woods, use this map to find the dogs.

Happily, we found a video of the now famous Shiba Inu:

Sometimes, the owner sticks his head out, too, which you can see here. 

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