The Only Breed That Can Be Color #535

The color registration code is #535, and to our knowledge, only one breed alone can be registered with the AKC as copper. To be fair, there is another breed that can be copper, but the copper must also appear with white. Can you guess the breed?

Peruvian Inca Orchid,copper,color,


It’s the Peruvian Inca Orchid, the only breed that can be registered as the color #535, or copper. The dogs can be totally one color, or one color with tongue pink spots, and the eye color is linked to the skin color. The image above,  which we share with permission from the AKC‬, isn’t the copper color, and we’d be beholding to a POI owner who could share with us the picture of a dog that is.

Image was part of Sam Brown’s “explodingdog” show at the Andenken Gallery in Denver back in 2006. For more on Sam’s art, visit this link.

4 thoughts on “The Only Breed That Can Be Color #535”

  1. I think the other breed that can be copper, with white, is the Australian Shepherd. Such a glorious combination.

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