The Peter Pan of Breeds

We have a conflict. When researching the “Peter Pan” of dog breeds, we found two breeds that lay claim to this moniker. The Flat Coated Retriever is one of the breeds, but because of their playful nature,boundless energy, and eternally young nature, Boxers are also referred to as the “Peter Pan” of the breeds.The breed isn’t considered fully mature until it’s three years old and has, by most accounts, one of the longest puppyhoods in the dog world.

Here’s how we’re going to settle it. Today, Boxers are the Peter Pans. Next week, Flat Coats will be the Peter Pans.

If you know either breed, you know this is true, but with regards to Boxers, it’s hard to jive their cheery nature with the fact that when World War I broke out, Boxers were enlisted in the military to serve as messenger dogs, and act as attack and guard dogs. It was after World War II that soldiers returning home brought the breed back with them, and America fell in love with the breed. For good reason.

Boxer by Svetlana Novikova


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