Pied and Irish Pied

Coming from a breed in which only solid colors are acceptable, we’ll defer to experts on this: “Pied” and/or “Irish” are terms that identify a particular coat pattern. When a dog is at least 50% colored, or has patches of white and another color, and the colored portions appear on the dog’s head, neck and body,  it’s said to be “pied.” White markings will show up in particular areas of her chest, belly, feet, chin and tail end, and she might also have a white blaze or star on her face.  When a dog is more or less white on the bottom and dark on the top, it’s said to be “Irish Pied.” To our knowledge, only two breeds have “Irish Pied,” in their acceptable colors and markings, and that’s the Havanese and the Lowchen. If your dogs are “Pied” or “Irish Pied,” would you share your pictures with us so that we might learn to recognize the pattern?

Havanese Study by Leonardo’s Dogs


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  1. yes I totally agree with this as set in some breed standards but not stated in uk kc for lowchen ps reverse pied is this known as more white than black /Brown markings

  2. Raider is our 2 year old male Havanese. He has classic Irish Pied markings, white chest and collar, white feet (socks), white tipped tail and half white muzzle. He is a sweet and loving boy.

    • He’s a cutie, Stuart! Did you know that the Havanese coat can be corded like a Puli’s?

      • Yes, we are aware. We are currently in the process of growing his coat out. That is enough of a challenge with the brushing maintenance. He is very patient with the requisite brushing and trips to the groomer 🙂

  3. As Puli people, Stuart, we just HAD to mention the corded thing. The Havanese is beautiful however way s/he is presented, it’s a terrific breed.

  4. My 4 1/2 month old female Luna is a Irish Pied. Super sweet and smart. Underside and tail is all white . She seem to have brown tint in sunlight and top of her nose is turning brown.

    • What a happy looking character, Janet! Thanks for sharing his (her?) picture!

    • What a cutie, Danae, thanks for sharing Fletch’s picture!

  5. I believe that Siberians can also be “Irish Pied’s” I remember someone telling me that years ago. But I’m not sure its an actual term used in the breed

    • Interesting, Amy, and something for us to research!

  6. I have an AKC registered French Bulldog with this pied pattern, is this what you’re looking for?

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