Pinball Wizard’s “B” Side

If you’re still struggling to wake up on this Sunday, we have the answer. It was the “B-side” of the Who’s epic “Pinball Wizard.” The song, “Dogs, Pt. 2,” was credited to Keith Moon, “Towser,” and “Jason,” the latter two “composers” being Pete Townshend and John Entwistle’s actual pet dogs. But first, a little background.

In 1968, three of the four members of The Who had dogs. Townshend had “Towser,” bassist, John Entwistle, owned an Irish Wolfhound named “Jason,” and drummer Keith Moon had had multiple Great Danes. It was an odd time for the band, and by some accounts, a low point in their musical history. They had already recorded, “Dogs,” then decided to collaborate on another song, “Dogs, Pt.2,” with their dogs. Oddly enough (a description you’ll understand after hearing the song below), it became a popular song.  So take a listen, but remember that we did warn you:

Image of John Entwistle with his Irish Wolfhounds

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