“Please?” – Entry in National Purebred Dog Day Fine Art/Poster Competition 2023

Title: “Please?”

Artist: Joyce Krachmalnick

Medium: Oil on panel

Size:  12″ x 9″ x .25″

Price: $2,000.00  Contact National Purebred Dog Day to inquire about purchasing this piece

Artist’s Thoughts:  I rekindled my love for painting after retiring in late 2016 after not painting for 30 years. I started drawing as a young child, sitting on my mother’s knee as we both drew horses, dogs, and cats. I spent elementary school drawing horses, dogs, and people—often my teachers while they taught. While in high school, I was the official artist for the South Dakota Arabian Horse Club, during which time I painted a 12 ft. X 5 ft. oil painting of W. H. K. Williams’s herd of Arabian horses, and I was commissioned to paint show horses around the USA and Canada. My art has been chosen for calendars and magazine covers and articles too. After showing Afghan Hounds around the U.S.A, I painted Afghan hounds and other types of dogs for magazines and commissions for fellow dog enthusiasts. I enjoy painting people and most animals. While I have worked with watercolors, inks, pastels, tempera, pencil, charcoal, stained glass, and bronze, I enjoy oil paints most of all. Having shown Afghan hounds for years, I’ve spent a lot of time watching the hound groups. Love all the hounds but beagles are among the cutest.


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