“Setting With Style”  (Entry in National Purebred Dog Day Fine Art/Poster Competition 2017)

Title: “Setting With Style”

Artist: Carole Raschella

Medium: Not disclosed Price: Contact National Purebred Dog Day to inquire about purchasing this piece.

Artist’s Thoughts:  I’ve had the privilege of owning several purebred dogs, from Great Danes to English Foxhounds. Right now I share my life with an Australian Cattle Dog, who helps me in the barn. I began foxhunting about 17 years ago, mostly because I enjoy riding. But as I learned more about hunting, I became one of those who, as the saying goes, ‘rides to hunt’. It’s truly fascinating to see a pack work a covert, find a fox and follow the line. And do so with military precision. I’ve walked hound puppies, which means I raise them, teach them some basic commands and keep them until they’re old enough to go into the kennel. And my farm has been a retirement home for hounds, when they’re too old to hunt. They lived out their lives here, being spoiled and relaxing in the sun. I think they earned the right to be a pet after their hard work. Since then, I’ve been introduced to sight hounds, via a good friend who owns Deerhounds. I have enjoyed working as her crew at several lure coursing events. Very different from scent hounds, but no less amazing to watch. Now I’ve been introduced to Golden Retrievers and their humans, who compete at hunt tests. At each discipline, although the goals may vary, its been an honor to meet happy dogs, doing what they were bred to do with loyalty and enthusiasm. And the people, who, through dedication, responsible breeding and kind training, are able to unlock their dog’s potential.

Image Details: Setters have been hunting for several hundred years. They are intelligent, independent thinkers, and even though their actual method nowadays is pointing, they can still, on occasion, be seen setting. With style. #NPDDArt2017

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