She’s “Miss Rev” To You

Her favorite toy is a stuffed animal named “Bevo,” the University of Texas mascot, and people on campus usually forget that the First Lady of Aggieland is a still dog.  Still, when an old “Reveille” retires (the official mascot of the Texas Aggies since 1931), the process of selecting a new “Reveille” is no small thing. Take a look at how the current Reveille IX got her job:

It’s a revered tradition. Reveille I died in 1944 after 13 years as the school mascot.She not only received a formal military funeral at Kyle Field, it included a 21-gun salute. She, and all subsequent deceased Reveilles, are buried outside the north end of Kyle Field where they have a special scoreboard so that they can always watch the Aggies outscore their opponents.

Since 1960, each Reveille has been handled by a Mascot Corporal, a sophomore cadet in Company E-2 of the Corps of Cadets. The Mascot Corporal is chosen within his unit each spring, and Reveille lives with him for that year. She goes to class with him, accompanies him on dates, and goes home with him for holidays. He, in turn, not only escorts her to all of her functions and Aggie engagements, he is tasked to protect her. Take a look at how Reveille VIII was saved by her handler, Ryan Kreider, during a football game:

Good call. On campus,Reveille (a Rough Collie since Reveille III)  is the highest-ranking member in the Corps of Cadets and wears five silver diamonds (the Corps Commander only has four). According to Texas A&M’s website, this means if “Miss Rev” falls asleep in a cadet’s bed, the cadet has to find somewhere else to sleep because she outranks him. Tradition also dictates that if Reveille is in class and barks, the professor should end class because Miss Rev is bored.

Dog people totally get this.

We think the most fitting way to end this post is with a tradition know as “the Dog Walk.” Think the Aggies protect their mascot?


2 thoughts on “She’s “Miss Rev” To You”

  1. Love this story. Have had rough Collies since 1948. Reveille is the BEST mascot EVER.

    • Rev’s story is a wonderful tradition, Nancy, and the school has done a fabulous job with their website in sharing it.

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