National Purebred Dog Day Official Poster for 2017


As the winner of National Purebred Dog Day’s Second Annual Fine Art/Poster competition, “The Pack” by Heidi Martin is National Purebred Dog Day’s official 2017 poster. It aptly illustrates that “Purebred Dogs” aren’t just for show, but that they are working and hunting companions, as well.

“The Pack” was chosen by juror, Susan Sprung, in a highly competitive contest. Of the piece, Ms. Sprung said, “This definitely is a true depiction of Foxhounds ready for the hunt. As one of the oldest sporting events involving a working dog, this composition works well. The artist is highly skilled in capturing the different expressions on each hound;  they are all the same breed, but she has managed to put a personality into each dog.”

Size: 18″ x 24″
Poster will be sent rolled and encased in plastic wrap and shipped in a white wax tube

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