The “Holds-Everything” Tote Bag

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Tote bags have gained in popularity as more shops ban or charge extra to use plastic bags, and consumers are discovering how handy a tote bag is for travel, storage, work and school – and yes, shopping.

tote bag,lime green The box-cut bottom of our totes efficiently accommodate more of what you put in it, from groceries and books to craft items and dog toys, all while sharing an important message: Purebred Dogs: They’re not just for show.

  • Made of 600 denier polyester fabric with a polyurethane back coating and durable water repellent finish. This versatile urethane coated polyester is commonly used to make luggage, sport and duffel bags, purses, air duct systems and aprons
  • Large main section with smaller interior pockets
  • Left side pocket
  • Shorter handles allow bag to be hand carried
  • 14″ (W) x 12″ (H) x 6.5″ (D)

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Lime Green, Hyacinth, Hot Pink, Black

5 reviews for The “Holds-Everything” Tote Bag

  1. Sally

    Best tote bag I’ve ever owned (and I’ve owned quite a few.) I use it ALL the time, and it’s sturdy, durable, and great looking.

  2. National Purebred Dog Day®

    Thanks, Sally! It’s not enough for us to gush about the tote bag which, like you, we think is the best one we’ve ever had. Reviews from unbiased owners are really helpful!

  3. Julie Ward

    Best. Bag. Ever. I have 15 of these bags. I keep 6 in each car for groc store runs as California has banned the use of single use plastic bags. The tote can safely carry 2 gallons of milk. I am now the envy of all other shoppers in line and it provides an opportunity for conversation about purebred dogs.

    I use one bag to carry my show clothes in as I prefer to travel sans panty hose. It then holds my comfy clothes and shoes as well as cell phone.

    Bonus, these bags come out of the washing machine looking brand new. Can’t say enough about how much I love these.

    • National Purebred Dog Day®

      Much appreciated, Julie, and it was from you we learned how nicely the tote bags come out of the wash!

  4. Judie

    I use my bag at ringside. It holds bait, a bottle water, small bowl, brush and comb and even a roll of paper towels! Looks like I’ll have to buy another one to use at the grocery store since they are so much sturdier than other bags.

  5. Sheridan

    I have the green tote. Love, love, love ! Eye catching and so useful! I always get compliments when I carry it!

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