“Showtime” (Entry in National Purebred Dog Day Fine Art/Poster Competition 2017)

Title: “Showtime”

ArtistRachel DiAndrea

Medium: Graphite

Price: $1750 Contact National Purebred Dog Day to inquire about purchasing this piece.

Artist’s Thoughts: Purebred dogs are the basis for my artwork. Wanting to be a vet as a youth, I was always drawn to dogs and horses in particular. I have loved the art of drawing and chose to specialize my talent as a professional canine art illustrator. Whether its a little Yorkie or a Big Mastiff, the challenge is the same. Capture the personality with color and open the canvas to the soul of each animal. Breeds are a refection of the humans that love them. For me its a showy Standard Poodle “Babette” and a Chinese Crested “BlingBling” that captured my heart.

Painting Details: “Showtime” was created with graphite and became the showpiece for my personal collection which I display along with other artwork at various dog shows. An artist can only exhibit a handful of pieces showcasing the endless purebred breeds in existence today. Many onlookers at a dog show will comment on what breeds you do not have displayed….SHOWTIME was created to exhibit a variety of breeds, sizes, and personalities of our beautiful dogs that all come together for the love of the Purebred Sport. #NPDDArt2017

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