Six seconds of a Patterdale Terrier

The Lake District in the United Kingdom is known for its rocky hills (or fells) that was sheep grazing country “back in the day.” It was also where opportunistic fox could be found. Farmers seeking to protect their flocks from a fox were usually accompanied by longer legged dogs known as “fell terriers,” and over time, different strains developed, each bred for its working ability. One particular type of fell terrier emerged by the 1950s, a black fell terrier tied to Ullswater hunt master, Joe Bowman, an early border terrier breeder. The dogs were called “Patterdale” after the village in Cumbria where the dogs were common.

These working terriers became known for courage, tenacity, and the willingness to work endlessly, but today, the Patterdale is gaining recognition as a companion dog, in large measure because it’s considered to be far more laid-back and tractable than some other working terrier breeds.  

The Patterdale was first brought to the USA in 1978 where it’s still used as a hunting terrier by hunters. A Patterdale named “Rocky,” (a flyweight at 13 pounds) got a lot of attention when it drew a 34-pound badger. 

We thought you might enjoy seeing a Patterdale enjoying the wind in his face (but watch closely, the commercial is only 6 seconds long!) A Patterdale named “Ivor” appeared in this ad for Volkswagen:

Image: “George” by Jack Wood is available in many formats here.

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