A DVM Asks:

A veterinarian asks: “I have been a dog person all my life. I am a DVM. I also have allergic rhinitis in response to many dogs. My question is this: Is there something about the breed’s skin or coat that makes them worse for people with allergies? I have never met a Chinese Shar-Pei that […]

The “Ouch!” Coat

Five people were blindfolded and asked to identify an animal by touch alone. The first person felt the animal’s face and said it was a hippopotamus. The second stroked the animal’s coat from head to tail and said it was a horse. A third touched the animal’s tail and swore she was holding a snail in her hand. The […]

The Fruit Colors

One of NPDD’s calling cards is a healthy deference to “genetic geeks” (you know who you are). These are the folks who love making Punnett squares and figuring out probabilities. We’re not among them, and thusly always welcome input on the subject as we wade into what we call the “tall grass” of genetics. We […]


The Chinese Shar-Pei is universally known as the “dog with the wrinkles,” though the breed is so much more than its exterior appearance. Nevertheless, its wrinkled skin is a curious trait that was likely fixed in the breed to protect the its organs from injury if an adversary were to get a mouthful of prickly folds of skin. […]

Meet Paddington!

Meet Paddington (aka Dougal), a five year old cream dilute Shar-Pei with over 87,000 Instagram followers who see what we see: A talented photographer with a sense of humor and an eye for working with the exquisite color of her dog. Owner/photographer, Annie Jacob, three cats and Paddington live in Tasmania, Australia. To see some […]

Shar-Pei Mouths

“Meat mouth” and “bone mouth,” for lack of a better explanation, refer to the muzzle or “snout” of a Chinese Shar-Pei, and when you look at the comparative images seen here that have been kindly provided by Elizabeth Cleary, it becomes easier to identify one from the other. At the left of this collage are […]