The Groom’s Pocket Piece

All terrier breeds small enough to fit in a den are permitted to compete in AKC earthdog trials, and not long ago, we mentioned that there is one, and only one, non-terrier breed allowed in earthdog trials (Dachshunds). Strictly speaking, this isn’t true if one considers the Silky Terrier, Yorkshire Terrier, and the breed seen […]

The Hard-To-Train-Toys. Oh Really?

Be “in” dogs long enough, and you’ll have heard that toy breeds just want to sit on someone’s lap, a good thing because they’re difficult to train. Poppycock. Toy breeds are game to do anything their owners are game to do. We’ve read of “Sweet Pea,” a Brussels Griffon with a MACH title (Master Agility […]

The Only Non-Terrier Earthdog

It’s the only hound bred to “go to ground,” and as such,  is the only hound allowed to enter American Kennel Club’s earthdog trials. We’re speaking of the Dachshund, of course. There’s no solid evidence indicating which breeds went into the development of the Dachshund,  though its “low rider” stature, turned out feet, and keen nose suggest Basset […]