The $12,000 Samoyed

We love our dogs, they are priceless to us. Some dogs, however, come with a hard dollar value. We all heard about the red Tibetan Mastiff sold to a wealthy property developer for an insane amount of money at a ‘luxury pet’ fair in eastern China’s Zhejiang province a few years back. Most of us regarded the news to be the case of a rich person buying the latest status symbol, a dog associated with good luck. A list we recently came across on, “Eight Crazy Expensive Dog Breeds” offers little in the way of explanation other than that wealthy individuals in the country of Lebanon are willing to pay $12,000 for a Samoyed, but not much more in the way of substance other than that it’s fashionable.  We wondered why those breeds, and whether they would become show dogs, companion pets, or living trinkets.  See the other breeds listed here.

Image of “Koira” by Томасина via Wikicommons under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported license.

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