The AKC Government Relations Department’s “Let Me Live It As…” Photo Challenge

Had social media has existed in 1960, a slogan put out by a popular hair care company would have gone viral. Even today, many people remember the pretty model gushing that if she had only one life to live, she wanted to live it as a blonde.

We are honored to welcome back as a photo contest sponsor the AKC Government Relations Department.  Few entities do as much as the AKC GR does to protect the rights of all dog owners, promote responsible dog ownership, and work to ensure that “dog laws” are reasonable and non-discriminatory. We urge you to visit the AKC GR’s website, see what it does, and support it because ultimately, it supports all of us.

The challenge: The AKC’s New Complete Dog Book contains over 800 stunning color photographs and information about 200+ breeds. Some of them have beautiful long hair, others have “runway model legs.” Some short-coated breeds get to wear gorgeous coats or gaiters to stay warm, others use a snood or wear stunning collars.  In a bit of fun and silly whimsy, how would your dog complete the sentence, “If I’ve only one life to live, let me live it as a (fill in the breed)?  Your challenge is to capture your dog’s alter-ego-breed and depict it in a photo.

The prize: The AKC’s 22nd edition of the New Complete Dog Book, an absolute must for any dog lover’s library;

The Sponsor: The AKC Government Relations Department



The Dreaded Small Print You Must Read To Enter

•••• This contest happens on May 1 on our Facebook page. It is open to residents of the continental United States only;

•••• One entry per person; You may enter four different photo challenges. If you enter this one, you may enter three more;

••••  When submitting your photo entry on Facebook, you must indicate the name of this contest, the AKC GR’s “Let Me Live It As…” Photo Challenge

•••• Your entry must be for the 2023 contest. Photos submitted from previous years’ contests will be disqualified, and yes, we remember photos from one year to the next;

•••• Within the photo, your image must include a purebred dog and one of the following either downloaded from the link or handmade:

The “IPurebred Dogs” sign

The “Happy National Purebred Dg Day” sign 

The “I Lve My Purebred Dog” sign 

Any official National Purebred Dog Day item available here. 

•••• No photoshopping, and that includes the required sign. Be creative with how you use it, but our judges, David Frei,  co-host of NBC’s National Dog Show, and Westminster Kennel Club photographer,  Jack Grassa, must see what you actually shot with your camera;

•••• Entries without the sign will be disqualified;

•••• Many people may help you take your photo, but the prizes goes to the person submitting the winning photograph.

•••• Entering this contest implies consent that your photo may be shared on NPDD’s social media platforms, and by the AKC Government Relations Department;

••• A full explanation of how, when, and where to submit your entry can be read here;  

•••• Important! You and your dog should have safe fun when composing your entry!

•••• Judges’ decisions are final



Image of Labrador looking at a book bzinkevych/AdobeStockPhoto



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