The Diablotin Moustachu

Gomez loved it when Morticia spoke French, and why not? It is, as they say, the language of love. So when French Affenpinscher affenpinscherenthusiasts refer to their breed as “Diablotin Moustachu” (‘Mustached Little Devil”) it’s said with great affection.  That, too, is earned. Affenpinschers are known to walk upright on their back legs, and sit up on the base of their spine with their tail tucked under, back legs extending forward.  The breed has impressive forepaw dexterity and has a penchant for grappling and tossing toys. Bottom line: This is a tiny adult in a dog suit. Don’t we love the things that tickle us?

Image of Gomez and Morticia is available as a print here.

Thumbnail image: “Devil Wears Black” by Cori Solomon




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