The “Dogs” at Rosie’s Dog Beach

Because of breed type, we’re able to recognize the breeds in this public piece of art by Karena Massengill, “Dogs at Play” created in 2015.

Sponsored by the Arts Council for Long Beach, the brightly colored dogs serve as boundary markers at Rosie’s Dog Beach at Ocean Blvd. and Granada Avenue replacing humdrum marker cones. Rosie’s Dog Beach is said to be the only off-leash dog park in L.A.County with nearly 3 acres of waterfront surf and sand between Roycroft and Argonne Avenues.

The project was the result of a statewide competition, and the winner is comprised of 19 different figures cut out of 3/8” steel and powder coated. It’s been a big hit with the public which recognizes the frolicking, carefree attitude of dogs at a beach.  See more here.

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