The Equilateral Pem Head

An equilateral triangle is a type of triangle in which all three sides are of equal length. Additionally, all three internal angles are also congruent to each other and each measures 60 degrees. The area of an equilateral triangle can be calculated using the formula: 34×2 where “a” represents the length of the side. This type of triangle is considered a regular polygon due to its equal sides and angles.

True confession. We copied the aforementioned definition because math makes our eyes glaze over. We are word people, we don’t do numbers. But in our world, there is an easier, and  more visual way, to picture an equilateral triangle.

Just look at at the correct head of a Pembroke Welsh Corgi.  if you draw an imaginary line drawn from the middle of a Pembroke’s nose through the middle of her eyes, and to the middle of her ear and across, you should get an approximate equilateral triangle.

Still don’t see it?

We repeat the photo at the top:


Below,  we share a visual aid:

Drawing by Juliana du Pree appears here with her kind consent

Do you see it now?

Why did we pick this breed to make this point?  We channel Flip Wilson when we confess that the breed’s AKC standard made us do it. It reads, “A line drawn from the nose tip through the eyes to the ear tips, and across, should form an approximate equilateral triangle.”

The Pembroke is not a “head breed,” but its headpiece is a hallmark of the breed.

Top photo: By Anna Titova/Shutterstock

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