The Great American Show Dog

The Great American Show Dog. Within the dog fancy, it can refer to a dog exhibiting flashy movement which may not necessarily be correct for its breed. The impressive outreach of a German Shepherd is correct for a German Shepherd, but not, say, for a Puli which at a collected or contained trot is quick-stepping, animated, but NOT far reaching. This isn’t to say that the dog lacks reach, but its “reach” is appropriate for its own breed, not another one’s. Keeping up with the bigger breeds in a show ring may be impressive, but it may not be correct.

Many of us here don’t show our dogs, but we challenge those of you who don’t to read your dog’s breed standard. We’ll help you find it, or you can simply run a Google search on “your breed” AKC standard. For the serious student of dogs, it really is interesting reading.

Image: German Shepherd Dog by DJ Rogers – k9artgallery

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