The Kerry Color

As newborns, some purebred puppies look nothing like their grown-up version: One example is the Dalmatian which is born white and gets its spots several weeks after birth. Another is the Puli (and Komondor) whose puppies are born fuzzy and cute, but don’t begin the cording process they’re on either side of their first birthday. Yet another illustration is the Kerry Blue Terrier which is born black and gains its glorious blue color with maturity, usually by eighteen months. The Kerry’s coat color can change to some shade of blue ranging from light silver to midnight blue, or slate blue.
Sticking with the Kerry Blue Terrier for a moment longer, there’s much to admire about the appearance of the Kerry Blue, but we think the real attraction of this breed is its personality. Kerrys are said to have an wicked sense of humor, and some say the dogs are born with a “touch of the blarney.” A famous quote among Kerry circles is, “to be owned by a Kerry,” which we suspect is just code for owners who have a touch of the blarney, themselves.
Kerry Blue Terrier by Peterson Laird

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