The “SunTrust” Dog

Watch the video below to see something you don’t see in a commercial every day:

It’s not that there’s a dog in the commercial, or even that it’s a Newfoundland. It’s that it’s a Landseer.

In American and Great Britain, the Landseer is considered the same breed as a Newfoundland, a version that has a white base coat with black markings.

In some European countries, however, the Landseer is considered to be a totally different breed. Some are of the opinion that Landseers have longer legs than Newfies, aren’t as massive, and that their muzzle is shorter and more “squared-off.”

To go one step further, some believe there are three Landseer versions: The American Newfoundland Landseer, the European Newfoundland Landseer, and the European Landseer ECT (European Continental Type).  Some registries recognize both European and American Newfoundland Landseers, but not the Landseer ECT as a version of the Newfoundland, or even as a breed. Others disagree and maintain that an ECT is simply a little taller, a little less broad, and a bit more assertive than a typical Newfoundland. One site writes that as of 1998, every country except the U.S. and Canada recognize the ECT as a separate breed from the Newfoundland.  We’ll have more on this difference of opinion in another post. 

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